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Happy gardening, Paul.

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Welcome to Daylilywonders

Ordering: No minimum order is required. Pay by PayPal or Money order.

Due to the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium and the import stop we were not able to add new dayliles.

Last year I was lucky to import over 400 new daylilies, a lot of them are available for sale this year.

We send all over Europe. We are working on shipping worldwide. Latest update: 06-04-2016


Shipping: from 21/04 to 30/06. We only ship registered mail.

  • Substitutions made only with customer permission. Send list of alternatives from catalog plants. Substitutions will be made with plants of equal or greater value. We refund excess money if customer prefers.
  • Bonus plants will be from catalog list included with order. Bonus is grower's choice. Bonus will be 20% of your order not including shipping . Please add a listing of 40% to make sure plants are available as a bonus.
  • Guarantee: Plants are healthy and true to name. If not satisfied, immediately return for refund.

Our daylilies

All shown here are US imported, registered varieties of hemerocallis by hybridizers other than ourselves that we have available for sale.  All newer daylilies are single fans, daylilies before 2012 are mostly double fans. They are divided from the motherplant and stay seperate for at least 6 weeks before shipping. We only ship healthy, good rooted fans. They are freshly dug immediately before shipping. If you are new to daylilies please do some research before ordering so you know what you are getting and how to take care of them. Daylilies are one of the easiest plants to grow and very rewarding for years and years. Most of the time new varieties have bigger flowers, make more buds and have a much longer blooming season. Good luck.

A lot of our daylilies are very limited. Ask for information or availability at:

       Pinewood Lily pad - Korth 2015

        Racing time - Trimmer 2015


             Betty Bush - Bush 2015

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